Why we think we are the best backpackers in Australia
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Why we think we are the best backpackers in Australia

Because we were once travellers, and some of us still are, we know how to offer the best destination hostels in Australia. That's what we think anyway.

Because we are and once were backpackers ourselves, so we know what guests want and the lifestyle they want to live. Both of our backpackers have their own character that is relative to the cities that they are in.

Gold Coast for sun, beaches, parties and good vibes

We have transformed this once nothing space into a bustling space for good times and great people. The Gold Coast is alive with activity, with people from all over the world staying with us creating a happy and fun environment. There are countless clubs and the nightlife is one of the best in Australia. Also being a tourist destination for Australians, means there is so much to offer right at your doorstep.

Darwin is for a chilled, relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere

With a bit of party mixed in of course. Our Darwin hostel is laid back and cruisy with a spacious outdoor area and large kitchen and BBQ area with air conditioned rooms indoors. With so much to offer in the Northern Territory we provide a great base for tours in the area with most outback adventures a gook hike outside the city. So, we provide you a great base to come back and kick your thongs off and relax.

As we were all once backpackers ourselves, we know exactly what to provide. Some of our guests never want to leave as we have excellent staff and excellent facilities for you to enjoy. Be sure to book in and get amongst our great hostels!


All the latest Quip

All the latest Quip

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